Garrett GTX3576R Gen II
Garrett GTX3576R Gen II
Garrett GTX3576R Gen II
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Garrett GTX3576R Gen II

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Horsepower: 400 - 750 Displacement: 2.0L - 4.5L




The GTX Gen II line received a major compressor wheel aero update that gives it the ability to produce up to 20% more horsepower than the previous version.

GTX Gen II compressor wheels were designed using proprietary Honeywell computer simulation technology focusing on CFD analysis to optimize the wheel design to reach maximum efficiency and mass flow for each turbocharger. Each GTX Gen II turbocharger has the ability to create more air mass flow, offering enthusiasts a wider range of power output when tuning the vehicle. The 8mm dual ceramic ball bearing cartridge provides optimal turbo response and reliability through its reduction in shaft motion.

The Gen II GTX Series Turbochargers feature a fully-machined compressor inlet, fully-machined compressor outlet, and fully-machined ported shroud.

We also added a brand new compressor housing featuring a high-flowing design matched perfectly for the new compressor wheel upgrade. Gen II compressor housings are not interchangeable with Gen I compressor wheels; however, all Gen II turbochargers are outline interchangeable with the equivalent GT and GTX Gen I products making a turbo swap easy to perform using all existing piping.

The new compressor housings are equipped with a fully machined speed sensor port that accepts the Honeywell Garrett speed sensor (Sold separately). This feature allows tuners to understand existing operating conditions, which is important when fine tuning a turbocharger to its most efficient operating conditions. The speed sensor port comes plugged from the factory and can be removed using a 5mm allen key when ready to install a speed sensor kit.

All Gen II GTX series turbochargers are compatible with existing GT and GTX turbine housings kits. Gen II turbochargers are only offered through Honeywell Garrett authorized distribution centers.

Available in four sizes: the GTX3071R, GTX3076R, GTX3576R, and GTX3582R Reverse Rotation turbochargers are ideal for twin turbo, V engine applications and for fabricators that want perfect symmetry to be displayed in the engine compartment. The Reverse Rotation turbos can also be used in single turbo applications where packaging is an issue. The compressor wheel spins in a counter-clockwise rotation while the compressor outlet exits air to the left, making its components non-interchangeable with Gen 1 or Gen II standard rotation products.

Featuring the new GTX Series Gen II compressor wheel designed using proprietary Honeywell computer simulation technology. Reverse Rotation turbochargers should be paired with a Gen II Standard Rotation counterpart and are not recommended to be matched with a Gen I turbocharger because the higher horsepower rating could lead to engine or other mechanical failure.


Garrett® GTX Series turbochargers are designed specifically for the hard-core enthusiast who wants optimal performance. The forged fully-machined billet aluminum compressor wheels feature next generation aerodynamics that provide a larger horsepower range and maximize boost response.

Ported shroud compressor housings increase surge resistance and provide reliable, continuous power throughout the power band. A dual ceramic ball bearing cartridge prolongs the lifespan and improves shaft balance. The water cooled CHRA keeps housing temperatures to a minimum. The turbine wheel is constructed from Inconel, a Super Alloy that maintains strength during prolonged exposure to high exhaust gas temperatures.

Turbine kits are offered in open volute and twin scroll, and a variety of A/R and flange configurations. GTX Series turbochargers are used by today’s top motorsports teams and are ready to boost you to the podium or wherever your destination may be.

Forged, fully machined compressor wheel

400-750hp capability
Displacement range: 1.8L to 3.0L

CHRA Specs
-Dual Ball Bearing
-Oil and water-cooled bearing housing
-M14x1.5 water ports

Compressor Specs
-Anti surge 0.60 A/R ported shroud compressor housing 4" inlet 2" outlet
-58-trim billet compressor wheel 2.28/3.01, 58.0mm inducer

Turbine Specs
-Available as a super core (no turbine housing)
-Also Available with T31, GT, and v-band T3, and v-band T4 turbine housings in 0.63 A/R and 0.82 A/R and 1.06 A/R
-68.0mm 84-trim GT30 turbine wheel